PT. Digital Satellite Indonesia proudly present our latest innovation on developing mobile application platform for specific target audience specializing on pet and animal lovers.

Hallopet.id features

  • Share your story!
    Share moments with other Hallopet.id friends.
  • Interesting Articles & Tips!
    News, tips, articles about pets both Dogs, Cats, Fish and others.
  • Pet Adoption!
    Provides the opportunity to provide a favorite animal
  • Veterinarian Consultation
    Get the right advice and solutions for pet health.

Hallopet.id also come with the veterinarian partner program platform call “Dokter Hallopet.id”.

The “Dokter Hallopet.id” allows all the veterinarian partner that register with Hallopet.id to provide professional consultation and medical advice to pet and animal lovers that a member of Hallopet.id

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