Our Commitment

24 X 7 Support

DIGISAT‘s Network Operation Center provides around the clock monitoring, fault reporting and maintenance reporting of the network. In addition DIGISAT‘s customer help desk is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help resolve any network configuration issues.


Flexible & Reliable Service

* Dedicated and burstable uplink & downlink bandwidth assignment
* 99.9% satellite availability
* Redundant connections to multiple Tier-1 carriers


Smart Bandwidth Efficiency

* Cost-effective sharing between multiple sites


Fast Internet Connectivity to America, Europe and Asia

*Wide access to global Tier-1 carriers from Our Partner Hub/Colo located in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Germany.
*Congestion free international Internet bandwidth


World-class Implementation & Support

* Quick deployment with technical support team and partners
* World-class service and ticket handling system

DIGISAT understand that internet industry in Indonesia is widely open and available due to Indonesian industries still growing and have extensive geographical challenges. Therefore DIGISAT believe it will reach its vision and mission on time. DIGISAT sees that technology and market will play an important role, therefore we place these 2 factors as our company’s main strategies.